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bugaboo bee accessories

  • bugaboo bee breezy sun canopy

    item code: 80620_master

    in stock

  • bugaboo seat liner

    seat liner BLACK

    item code: 80532_master

    in stock

  • bugaboo parasol


    item code: 85300-master

    out of stock

  • bugaboo wool seat liner

    item code: 81532XX01

    in stock

  • in stock

  • in stock

  • bugaboo high performance footmuff

    high performance fußsack ARCTIC GREY

    item code: 80114_master

    out of stock

  • bugaboo footmuff

    footmuff ROYAL BLUE

    item code: 80112_master
    $ 9,999.00
    You save $ 0.00

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee baby cocoon - light

    Bugaboo Bee babykokon - leicht SHWARZ (2010 modell)

    item code: 582313XX_master

    in stock

  • bugaboo organizer

    The Bugaboo Organizer keeps parents and child's essentials organised and within reach. The smart-featured, easy-to-clean, compact soft pouch holds it all: keys, camera, diapers, mobile phone, drinks and toys.

    - provides extra storage for snacks, toys, bottles and valuables
    - canvas fabric is water repellent
    - attaches easily to all Bugaboo strollers in multiple location

    item code: 80505AN01

    in stock

  • bugaboo bag

    item code: 80220_master

    out of stock

  • bugaboo bee tray

    item code: 80502TR02

    in stock

  • bugaboo cup holder

    The cup holder is the perfect place for a bottle, sippy cup or iced latte. Attaches on the handlebar for easy access to any beverage up to 700 ml/24 oz.

    - keeps drinks upright to avoid spillages
    - compatible with all Bugaboo strollers

    item code: 80500CH02

    in stock

  • bugaboo compact transport bag

    item code: 80560TB03

    in stock

  • bugaboo wheeled board

    Roll with your two children by attaching the Bugaboo Wheeled Board to your stroller in just two clicks. Sturdy construction keeps the wheeled board in place to guarantee a fun ride for your future pro-skateboarder.

    - clicks on and off, can be folded away when not in use
    - compatible with all Bugaboo strollers (Bugaboo Donkey needs adapter)
    - an additional adapter is needed for the Bugaboo Donkey. Check out the adapter here.

    item code: 85500WB01

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee (2010 model) sun canopy

    bugaboo bee sun canopy

    item code: 580311_master

    out of stock

  • bugaboo bee (2010 model) car seat adapter for Maxi-Cosi

    Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) adapters Maxi-Cosi car seat.

    item code: 85510MC01

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee (2010 model) car seat adapter for Graco

    Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) adaptor for Graco car seat.

    item code: 85510GC01

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee (2010 model) car seat adapter for Britax-Römer

    Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) Adapter für Britax Autokindersitze.

    item code: 85510BX01

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee (2010 model) car seat adapter for Chicco

    Bugaboo Bee (2010 model) adapter fur Chicco.

    item code: 85510CI01

    in stock

  • bugaboo comfort transport bag

    item code: 80560TB02

    in stock