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bugaboo bee 2007 parts

  • wheeled board swivel star wheel

    Swivel star wheel for the wheeled board. This item can also be used as replacement for the wheeled board swivel wheel with closed white wheel. FGCB

    item code: 880570

    in stock

  • bugaboo wheeled board elastic cord

    Elastic cord for wheeled board which is compatible for all Bugaboo strollers.

    item code: 880571

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee wheeled board adapters set

    Adapter needed to attach the wheeled board to the Bugaboo Bee.

    item code: 880573

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee underseat basket

    Bugaboo Bee underseat basket black.

    item code: 580400ZW01

    in stock

  • in stock

  • bugaboo bee attachment strap replacement set

    Bugaboo Bee attachment strap replacement set (2x).

    item code: 58100SS03

    in stock

  • bugaboo bee handlebar foam replacement set

    Bugaboo Bee handlebar foam replacement set (2x).

    item code: 58100SF01

    in stock

  • bugaboo universal connector (#3)

    Bugaboo Bee accessory connector (#3).

    item code: P80060

    in stock

  • out of stock